What is NAND Data Storage?

Today, it is possible that you can store data without having to use electrical power thanks to the introduction of NAND system of data storage. The main developers of these storage devices have their aim in giving people an alternative of storing their crucial data without having to incur large amounts of cost per bit and provide them with a bigger storage capacity at the same time. With these features, the NAND storage devices can compete on the same level as the magnetic flash drives including hard disks. Examples of NAND storage devices include digital cameras, USB flash drives and MP3.

Benefits of NAND Data Storage

Since the introduction of NAND storage devices, users all over the globe have had many benefits to explore. They include:

  1. 1. They are cost effective

NAND storage devices are cost-effective as compared to other forms of storage. For instance, if a NAND card or device wears out, all you need to do is replace it with a new one and it will continue functioning properly. On the other hand, following the introduction of NAND products, manufacturers do not need to produce more energy consuming storage devices. Moreover, NAND storage devices are easily re-writable and they are smaller making them convenient.

  1. 2. They are Faster

Even though NAND storage devices are not as fast as ROM or RAM devices, they have a fast read access as compared to other forms of data storage. For instance, they respond faster than mobile phones’ hard disks.

  1. 3. Provide a Safer Option
Plugging removable flash disk memory into laptop USB slot

In the past, users complained of electric shocks from some storage devices such as hard disks. However, the introduction of NAND ended this problem and provided safer features. For instance, NAND devices can withstand both high and low temperatures and they can work well even after submission in water. Some storage devices such as hard disks require a specific environment for them to work properly.

  1. 4. They are convenient

NAND storage devices are smaller than their mother devices for example Smartphones and cameras. This means that you can remove and reinsert them on your device at your convenience. This makes data transfer easier and you can be used it on multiple devices. On the other hand, hard disks serve a specific type of devices and it might be harder to transfer data as compared to NAND devices.

Comparison between NAND Flash and NOR Flash

There are two types of Flash namely NAND and NOR flash memories. The main difference between the two is that NAND storages are smaller and can store specific size of memories. On the other hand, NOR Flash have an independent method of writing and reading memory.

As compared to NOR flash, NAND flash provides a faster way of writing and erasing data and are therefore time-saving. Also, NAND storages have a reputation for offering higher density and have a lower cost per bit as compared to NOR flash. Regarding endurance, NAND also comes out on top.

However, the main disadvantage of NAND storage is that it does not work well with ROM because of its inability to byte-level random access required by the system for proper running. NOR Flash, on the other hand, provides a better byte-level random access and therefore it can serve as a good replacement for both RAM and ROM drives.

The main similarity between is the two is that they all work on devices such as laptops, desktops and other computers. Nand storage devices act as an alternative method of storing data while NOR Flash offers means of basic storage.

Should you have NAND Data Storage Devices?

Whether or not you should have NAND data storage device depends on personal preferences. Mostly, they offer a secondary method of storing data, therefore; they are not a matter of emergency. However, NAND data storages have many benefits include faster services, they are convenient because of their size and they are cost effective.


Technological growth has brought with it better services including betters means of data storage to humanity. NAND data storage offers you a cheaper and faster way of storing data. They are also safer to use as compared to hard disks as they can operate in any environment. NAND data storage works in mobile phones, desktops and cameras amongst other devices.

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